… he’s just so cute! I don’t care if actor Anton Yelchin is barely 18-years-old.

I saw Charlie Bartlett this weekend, and let me say this first and foremost: it was AWESOME. Hilarious, witty, fresh and full of the over-prescription and misuse of potentially dangerous drugs. Everything I look for in a movie.

And, of course, fantastic attire.


I wish I looked that cute while sitting, fully clothed, on the grimy seat of an underfunded public school toilet. It probably would have made the memories of my high school experience far more nostalgic.

But, the point is, Charlie looks really good. Although he starts out in a dweeby, private school uniform complete with an embroidered crest and Latin inscription, he turns his outfit into something hip and fresh. Without the dorky patch, you have a sleek-but-casual sports coat with a funky, original T-shirt.


OK, try to look past the overly tattooed arms…

This Urban Outfitters T-shirt is an excellent option. The bright colors pop out and offset the drab navy blue sports coat. Want to be even more hip and avant-garde? (Yes, Abbey, yes I do! Please tell us how!) Pair this outfit with some old school Chuck Taylors.

It also helps if you’re a badass 17-year-old with access to a limousine and prescription pills.