GBF wears short shorts! Actually… that’s not true. I don’t wear shorts. I used to wear shorts. But I also used to think Britney Spears was a wholesome role model, Pluto was a planet and Duke was a respectable institution of higher learning.

And those sentiments are obviously shot to hell.

But, the more I shop, the more I notice all the spring collections rolling in. And most of you out there do wear shorts. So, let’s talk about ’em!


I’ll be honest with you, boys and girls. I can’t stand J. Crew. Really. Every time I see it, I’m bombarded with images of pastel colored frat stars dancing in my head.

But, I will hand it to you, J. Crew. These ain’t half bad. They’re a good way to wear short shorts without being– er — inappropriate. They’re definitely classy, and they come in lots and lots of bright, summery colors.


I know, I know. These Urban Outfitters high-waisted shorts are a little daring. But if you feel like breaking down all denim shorts barriers, these are the way to go. And if you have a little tummy problem, the high waistline does wonders. But, they also work if you have a teeny tiny waist and a big booty. They highlight all the right places. Ooo la la.


Bermuda, Bahama, come on, pretty mamma. If short shorts aren’t for you, you can still let a little leg show with Bermuda shorts. This American Eagle pair is perfect. They should hit you just above the knee so they don’t fall into capri pant territory. And the best part? You won’t constantly be pulling them down so that your thighs don’t rub together (ouch).


If you can wear these American Apparel hot shorts and pull them off, I will seriously consider bulldozing my house and building a monument to you in its place. Honestly. I’m not worthy. I saw them in an Am App store this week, and I was sick with jealousy of all of those who can rock them. So, please. If you can wear them, e-mail me a picture and you will be the new GBF star.

All hail.