Welcome, admitted and non-admitted fashion junkies, to The Good, The Bad and The Fab. My name is Abbey Caldwell, and I’ll be doing everything I can to keep all you fabulous Tar Heels updated on the ins and outs of the wonderful world of fashion. Now, I’m no style icon, but I do have a little experience in the field. This past summer I lived in New York City and worked as a fashion intern at JANE Magazine (and no, it is nothing like The Hills…it’s better.) After JANE folded unexpectedly, I got another internship for the remainder of the summer in the fashion department of Details Magazine. So, I like to think that I’ve had a decent amount of exposure to both women’s and men’s magazines.

A lot of what I’ll be doing for this site is taking pictures of all you well-dressed Heels around campus and writing about just how awesome you are (as if you need someone to tell you that.) So, if I ask to snap a pic of you while you’re in the Alpine line or on your way to yet another all-night party at Club UL, please don’t seek out a restraining order. Just keep bein’ fab.