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These are ugly. I wish people would stop wearing them.


I understand that some people still aren’t over the whole cowboy boots thing, which is fine. Sometimes it takes a while to let go. But all things in moderation, people. Rain boots and cowboy boots are not supposed to mix. They come from different worlds.

I feel about these boots the same way I feel about peanut butter flavored ice cream: it’s not right. Ice cream is sweet. Peanut butter is salty. Ice cream is cold. Peanut butter is room temperature. Who had the bright idea to mix those two properties?

I blame the drought on people who wear boots like these. Stop disturbing the rain gods.


Here’s a little something from one of the best:


“I love fashion, but I think it should stay in its place, not rule your life. It’s a very nice part of your life, but I think it should be fun.”
-Miuccia Prada

There’s a certain level of discretion to be taken when dressing your children. Now, I don’t have kids or anything, but this seems like it should really be a commonly known fact. I used to keep my fingers crossed for my older sister to outgrow her Care Bears spandex when I was a kid, so I sure as hell wasn’t wearin’ no Chanel. I think my mother would have let me go to preschool naked before she sent me in couture.

Now, Angelina Jolie, on the other hand…


This was taken a while ago, but I think it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Zahara is a cute kid, really. She’s totally got that whole my-parents-are-Brad-Pitt-and-Angelina-Jolie thing going on, which means that she has already secured herself as cooler (and God knows richer) than all of us for the rest of her life.

So, can someone tell me why her mother (who, by the way, is well-known for making out with her brother on the red carpet and wearing a vial of blood around her neck) feels the need to supplement her child’s adorable-ness with a Valentino bag? Yes, Angelina, we get that you’re super rich and super fabulous. And trust me, if I was worth bizillions, I’d probably use Valentino toilet paper.

But, your kid is TWO-YEARS-OLD if that, Angie. She doesn’t know the difference between Valentino and Goodwill. Take advantage of that while you still can.

Now, this is what I’m talkin’ about:


If my child is half that cute and fabulous, I’ll consider mine a job well done. I stumbled upon this little cowgirl in Urban Outfitters at South Point a couple of weeks ago, and believe me, she was ready to have her photo taken.

Hm, a Carolina blue fleece, houndstooth skirt and cowboy boots? A daring move, young lady, but I applaud thee. I wouldn’t have thought to combine the three, but you’ve done a fantastic job, if I do say so myself. And I highly doubt that ensemble broke her p-rents’ bank.

If I recall, I once went to school in a white and gold tutu and roller skates.

I’m pretty sure they were hand-me-downs.

Hola, GBF! Check out this fashion piece that was published in online for The Daily Tar Heel’s Year in Review edition… plus pretty, pretty pictures, of course.

By: Abbey Caldwell, Staff Writer

Though the year 2007 didn’t bring the return of acid wash jeans, shoulder pads and parachute pants, it might as well have.

The world of fashion saw a few equally shocking premiers in 2007.

Revered American designer Isaac Mizrahi broke ground when he put one foot in the upscale department store Neiman Marcus and the other in Target stores less than five years ago, but this year proved that he isn’t the only fashion A-lister who can appeal to the moderately priced masses.

Vera Wang prompted the jaw drop heard ’round the world when she brought her Simply Vera line to Kohl’s, and Roberto Cavalli set off endless lines of eager shoppers awaiting the debut of his low-priced line for H&M.

But a heavier wallet wasn’t the only shock endured by fashion enthusiasts last year.

Ladies packed away their dainty summer dresses and opted for a fall look of vests, baggy pants and masculine hats a la “Annie Hall.”


And low-riding jeans became an endangered species when the high-waisted look became a staple for the fall season.

But if muted colors, tuxedo vests and Oxford shoes weren’t your style in ’07, bright colors and bold statements were equally chic.

English designer Henry Holland popularized neon-colored T-shirts that took young hearts by storm with rhyming slogans audaciously referencing fashion industry insiders.


Holland’s signature catch phrases like “Get yer freak on Giles Deacon,” which pays homage to the London-born designer, caught on quickly and were eventually given a new, less expensive spin when imitated by labels such as Forever 21.

But one trend that made a comeback for almost every label was simple: hats.

Bad hair days everywhere tipped their newfound saviors to the likes of fedoras and even turbans, the latter thanks to the innovative designs of Prada.


And just when we thought that white socks worn with no pants and a simple pair of briefs went out of style – it did.

But the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses once worn by Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” and Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and further popularized by Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan, reached another peak of popularity in 2007.

Now a staple to everyone from the New York City Lower East Side hipster to the UNC fraternity court resident, the Wayfarer style has become as recognizable as the stars who pioneered it.


Even though acid wash jeans and shoulder pads are more than likely piled into boxes at a flea market where they belong, the respective shocks of 2007 have created quite a challenge.

Top that, 2008.

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Dear GBF:

You suck. Why haven’t you posted in weeks? You’re dead to me.



Dear Everyone:

Please take me back. I just don’t know what happened. You know how the holidays are. But, there are no excuses. I promise I will do everything I can to change my ways… starting with the next post!



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Keep it up, readers! Let’s try to be the most popular DTH blog– cough cough– I mean, not that it’s a competition or anything–cough cough– (just kidding).

Power to the fab!

What I have learned is ALWAYS in style: an external hard drive.

Let’s all give a round of applause to Staples for supplying me with an 80 gig external hard drive today.

Due to an unfortunate incident involving a faulty coffee mug and my lap top, I came quite close to losing all of my files… pics included! You know what that means? We might have had to kiss GBF goodbye for a week or two. But, fear not, my loyal readers, GBF is still going strong. $100 later, still going strong.

It’s OK. I just won’t eat for a few days.

Me: I put my underwear on backwards today.

–Confused look from Friend of Me, Megan–

Me: Wait. I mean I put my underwear on inside out today.


Me: If I put my underwear on backwards I’d be like, “GOD this feels weird.”